BiriBiri 650000
Vital Statistics
Name BiriBiri 650000
Kanji  ?
Btooom! Statistics
Known User(s) Himiko
General Use Stunning Target
Destructive Power ★☆☆☆☆

The BiriBiri 650000 is a stun gun used by Himiko.


The BiriBiri 650000 (labelled on the front) sports a grip around the handle, which is suited for wrapping one's palm around. An on-off switch is located on the right side of the taser, conveniently labelled with "ON" above the "OFF" and indicating for a person to push upward for activation and to push downward for deactivation. At the head of the taser are two prongs responsible for exerting voltage into any target applied. The BiriBiri 650000 is not only small enough to be suitable for concealing in one's pocket but also sports a clip for attaching onto one's clothing and a wristband for preventing loss of the object itself.


Once activated, the BiriBiri 650000 is capable of temporarily paralyzing the average person for a fair amount of time, as shown when it was effective against an obese male (Mitsuo Akechi). However, it has been shown that, through repeated usage in a few days worth of time, the device will significantly deplete in power, resulting in a weaker voltage being used. The first notable case of this was when the BiriBiri 650000 was used on Sōichi Natsume, resulting in the man being paralyzed momentarily but still capable of awkwardly moving about seconds later. Unless the power is somehow replenished, the BiriBiri 650000 will be rendered useless if it ever runs out.