Chapter 01
Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime episodes Episode 1
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For the episode that shares the same title, refer to Start.

START (開始) is the first chapter in the Btooom! manga.


START, is the first chapter of Btooom. It introduces the main protagonist, Sakamoto, a 22 year old japanese man. Sakamoto has found a new love for a game called "Btooom!", a first person shooter game where the objective is to kill ones enemys, but with bombs. After reaching the number 10 spot in the world, Sakamoto finds himself on a mysterious island.

Chapter Notes

  • The game Btooom! is both shown in the actual storyline and later explained at the back of the chapter.
  • Ryōta Sakamoto, our main character is introduced as being in the top 10 greatest players in the world.
  • Ryōta Sakamoto recollects a short-narrative to go along with his introduction along with the encounter with his mother, Yukie Sakamoto.
  • Ryōta Sakamoto awakes on a unknown island with amnesia and a sack of timers.
  • The first enemy shows up after him finding himself on the island.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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