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Gemu Shusaisha
Vital statistics
Name Takanohashi
Kanji 鷹嘴
Gender Male
Age 45
Blood type AB
Professional statistics
Occupation Game planner
Hometown Hokkaido
Japanese VA Meijin Takahashi
English VA Rob Mungle
Image gallery
Takanohashi is the game planner of the real life Btooom!. He works with Tyrannos Japan and is Tsuneaki Īda's superior.





He first makes his appearance in Taira's explanation of how he, Ryōta, and others were kidnapped and forced to play the game. Through live footage, Takanohashi explains the rules of the game and how the participants can win. [1]He and along Tsuneaki Īda monitor Ryōta's progress where Ryōta had driven the komodo dragons away with the Blazing Gas BIM and the aid of the ocean breeze. [2]

Equipment and skills


  • His German voice actor is Helmut Gauß. [3]


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