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Tetsuo Iwamoto
Vital statistics
Name Tetsuo Iwamoto
Kanji 岩本
Gender Male
Age ?
Blood type ?
Professional statistics
Occupation Game programmer
Hometown ?
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Tetsuo Iwamoto is a game programmer with Tyrannos Japan and is involved in the development of the reality Btooom! game.


He's a short man with glasses and a spotted bowtie.




When Date is seen with all 7 IC chips, Gemu sends Iwamoto with armed soldiers to retrieve Date. Little did they know, Ryōta and the other have plans to ambush them. After Iwamoto and the bald mercenary find Date, they begin to take off in their helicopter. Though, their helicopter cannot fly when it was tied down to the rocks by Shiki. [1] When Oda throws a Blazing Gas BIM at the helicopter, Iwamoto is horrified as he watches the bald man suffers from severe burns. Iwamoto kicks the man off the helicopter. He turns around to see Date taking control over the cockpit. When Date punches Iwamoto, Iwamoto pulls out a handgun and shoots Date in the face, instantly killing him. [2]

He is confirmed dead by Ryōta due to inhaling the toxic gas from Oda's BIM.[3]



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