• MilkyCat

    The End of Saturday

    May 4, 2014 by MilkyCat

    I took yet another break. I've yet again confirmed that I am human...

    Anyway, I'll still be editing here and there every so often. I've enjoyed this series very much, so I'll see to it that I at least contribute in some way where we'll find more and more people exposed to this series as well. More work means more popularity for the series itself. Well, that's the theory itself.

    Until then...

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  • MilkyCat

    The End of Vacation

    April 8, 2014 by MilkyCat

    After over more than seven days missing from this site, I've managed to come back alive and well. The vacation we had was pretty all right. Good days had come now and then. We managed to actually turn this assumingly "second-rate" trip into a trip that we won't be forgetting any time soon. As exciting as it is, filling in all the details by word will take more than a page with my writing.

    Anyway, I'll be active here and there. ^^

    It's always good to have another chance to look at life in a different perspective.

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