Welcome everyone! It's almost 2014. With the 2012-2013 report, I won't get everyone this year. Only August to December 2013, Btooom Wikia had the most activity. I was working on and off because I was an admin at Sket Dance Wikia and a new mod at Anime Vice. I was working weekends on the manga summaries. It's good to see new folks even if they are here for a week or so.

This blog won't be 100% completed. I will miss other users.

***Work in Progress***

Character Works

  • Hazeleyes14 did ___
  • Ominoire did Tsuneaki Īda, Misako Hōjō, Yoshiaki Imagawa, Mitsuo Akechi, Sōichi Natsume.
  • DreamFocus did ___
  • DarkErigor did __


  • Ominoire did Blazing Gas BIM, Timer BIM, BIM, 1300°C Flammable Oil Splashing Flame BIM, Implosion BIM, Cracker BIM.

Manga Works

  • Takashichea completed chapters #2 - #20.

Episode Works

  • On June 8, 2013, Takashichea completed all episode summaries.

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