Welcome to the wiki report for Btooom! This is a summary of all wiki activity where I list significant contributions.

Since the wiki activity feed is limited, I skim wiki contributions of wiki editors I'm familiar with. If I forgot you, please leave a comment. I will add you.

Character Works

Kira Kosuke

  • WhimsicalDreamer worked on Kira Kosuke's plot along with the grammar issues.

Mitsuo Akechi

  • Jagged85 toned down graphic details of Mitsuo's attempted rape scene in the plot section that was added by an anonymous editor.
  • Before that edit, Takashichea proofread the plot and revise the verb tense along with continuity in the event.


  • Himikolynn added more to appearance.
  • Takashichea fix grammar in the plot section.


  • WhimsicalDreamer added appearance and proofread.
  • Takashichea added history, references, personality, and trivia.

Ryota Sakamoto

  • Both ShadowNeko and WhimsicalDreamer did proofreading.


  • Ssj4jw added physical capabilities while Taka added story details with references.


  • WhimsicialDreamer proofread Yukie's history and added details to plot.
    • She reworded the appearance, history and personality sections.

Anime Works

  • Takashichea created page, filled in overview, and complete episode table.
  • Bereisgreat fix episode template table.

Episode Works

Episode Summaries

Other Edits

  • Dream Focus linked "anime" to Btooom's list of episodes.
  • Ssj4jw added major events, characters and points of interest. Set up infoboxes.
  • Takashichea added anime/manga differences to episodes.
  • Frozenstein set up episode format and renamed a few pages to their episode titles.
  • WhimsicalDreamer did characters, some formatting, and misc things.
  • Bereisgreat fix mistakes and changed image sizes.

Manga Works

  • Frozenstein created chapter 1 and added chapter notes and characters.
  • Takashichea created chapter category after Frozenstein opened it up.


  • Takashichea created episode screenshots gallery.
    • Bereisgreat changed the template and fix overlap in the code.
  • With Bere's help, Takashichea applied fair use template to all images.
  • WhimsicalDreamer removed subjective content on pages such as the Cracker BIM.
    • She reworded some parts in design section and added a reference along with details in the operations section.

Any Issues

  • Argument on operation details for Flaming BIM when an anonymous wiki editor will not comply with Takashichea.


  • Kingdayday has copied Takashichea's plot summaries from Anime Vice and pasted on episodes 2-9. He has never responded back and kept adding summaries after receiving multiple warnings from Bere.


  • Kira Kosuke, Hidemi, Miho, and Btooom! (game) page.
    • For Kira and Hidemi, these edits were subjective and crude. The rest were deletions and ads.
    • Ssj4w fix Miho's page while Taka and Bere fix the rest.

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